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Freon Chemours R123
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DuPont 123 is a HCFC retrofit for R11 in & nbsp; a low pressure centrifugal cooling system. & Nbsp; New centrifugal equipment designed with DuPont 123 & nbsp; provides excellent energy efficiency. & Nbsp; If you want to replace the system from the centrifugal cooler to R123, it is required modification & nbsp; system & nbsp; to increase capacity or avoid material incompatibility. Consult with OEM for specific guidance.
Used for applications:
1. Low pressure centrifugal cooler
2. New centrifugal equipment

Benefits of Dupont 123:
Pressing the overall operating costs on new equipment.
Proved to be a good substitute for R11 in chiller systems throughout the world.
Has excellent environmental properties, low ozone (ODP) depletion potential.
Recommended use of lubricants: Mineral Oil (MO)

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